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Add your own copyright information

Adding your own copyright information in the footer of the Zen Theme is very simple...when done, it will look like the default copyright: Go to your Zen Theme settings and scroll down to the Miscellaneous Settings Find the Copyright Information field Replace the default copyright information with your own Click Save Changes

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Add Google Analytics to your site

If you use Google Analytics, the Zen Theme let's you add your own code to your web site page. Basically you add your code and when someone visits your web site page, the code is loaded in the appropriate place (just before the closing </body> tag in your source code: Setup Your Code Go to

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Create Drop Caps

Dropcaps are used for the first letter of a paragraph and generally used once on the page. You can even get creative and make custom lists with numbers instead of letters. You can even be creative with numbered lists instead of letters. Below is an example of what the Dropcap styles look like for Zen:

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Create a styled quote

A blockquote is like a function that most html editors will have, where in the case of Joomla, this is not standard in its own editor, but might exist in another editor extension. However, this can be achieved easily with some simple HTML code so that the end result looks like this: In your editor,

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Styling your images with shadows

When you see the demo site for the Zen Theme, you will notice the images in posts and pages do not have the typical bordered styling that most are commonly using. I decided to go a bit different with a bottom shadow, but this style requires one extra step by you when inserting images into

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Change your page from full width to short

You can adjust the overall width of your website's Zen Theme from full width to a shorter version that is centered in the browser. Please note that the content area is white so if you have your page background colour set to white, it may look odd; it's best to use an alternate page background

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Customize your theme colours

Zen theme lets you change your colours for selective page elements, including one setting for enabling or disabling the lines on the bottom module area. Changing Your Colours Click into any colour field to open the colour selector tool Choose your colour by moving the crosshair around the palette and you will see the HEX

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Style your Showcase header

Compared to the WordPress Zen theme, the Showcase for Joomla's version of Zen is a lot easier and more flexible because it just needs a module position only. However, to style your showcase header, there's a few settings to customize... To see how each setting changes the Showcase header, you can see a side-by-side difference

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