Quick Tips

Remove A Category From Your WordPress Home Page

March 6, 2013 marketermatt Blog, Quick Tips

Sometimes you will want to publish quick tips or short news blurbs that you don’t necessarily want to show up in your blog. Recently, I had this very similar situation. The home page of a site I was working on showed featured images, yet we had some short posts we didn’t want to find images […]

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Creating Taxonomy Pages for Custom Post Types

December 28, 2012 marketermatt Blog, Quick Tips

I came across this post today on WP Explorer that I found very helpful. If you’ve developed or modified any WP themes you’ll know how annoying it can be to try to figure out which page your taxonomy is using. In these situations, the WP Template Hierarchy is your friend. This post shows how you […]

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Display Custom Post Type Taxonomy Terms Without the Links

February 2, 2012 marketermatt Blog, Quick Tips

I’ve been modifying a theme I bought awhile ago, adding in a custom post type and corresponding taxonomies. I thought it’d be a cool idea to display an image representing one of my taxonomies instead of just the text or a link to the category. So after trying just about every wp function having to […]

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