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How to make your E-commerce WordPress Website Successful

  The idea of creating a successful eCommerce website can be frightening, even for professional business leaders and WordPress users. They find obstacles in maintaining the balance between the design, functionality, speed and security of their sites – no sure about which one should get priority. However, with the help of valuable e-Commerce tips, you

WP Pages All Get 404 Erros Except Home Page (Index.php)

Today I ran into a pretty darn frustrating problem. I had moved a wordpress-based client website offline to work on it and somehow lost ALL of my interior pages. My home page, the index.php page, came up fine, but every link I clicked on led me to a 404 Not Found Page. After double-checking that

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The best plugins for your WordPress events calendar

Events calendar plugins are a great way to show off upcoming events - either to promote events organized by you or to give readers additional value with useful information about events relevant to their interests. I've tried quite a few events calendar plugins and I know it's really hard to find a solution that works

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Review Of GeoDirectory: The Best Directory Plugin?

A new-ish WordPress directory plugin called GeoDirectory has swept across the world of WordPress making everyone turn their head. GeoDirectory has been developed harnessing the experience accumulated while building and marketing GeoTheme, a location-based WordPress directory theme that was the first decent theme of its type. The same developers have now created the GeoDirectory plugin to enable WordPress users

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5 Best WordPress SEO Tools and Plugins

No matter how great your WordPress site is, without using the best SEO tools and practices you will never reach your maximum potential. There are countless plugins available to help, but these five, used together, will maximize the performance of your entire site, leaving you with more time to develop great content. From metas and

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Here’s the Top Ten WordPress Plugins that Everyone Should Use

With almost 75 million sites depending on WordPress, it is without a doubt the most popular blogging platform that exists. Today, not only bloggers, but ecommerce sites, businesses, schools and governments rely on WordPress. With this many users (and growing) it is no wonder that there are a staggering number of plugins, and unless you

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6 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

When you think about creating blogs and installing an effective content management system, WordPress is the first name that comes to mind. Efficient and reliable, WordPress offers themes, features and plugins that every developer and blogger looks up to. Over the past decade, WordPress has developed into much more than just a tool for simple

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