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How to make your E-commerce WordPress Website Successful

  The idea of creating a successful eCommerce website can be frightening, even for professional business leaders and WordPress users. They find obstacles in maintaining the balance between the design, functionality, speed and security of their sites – no sure about which one should get priority. However, with the help of valuable e-Commerce tips, you

How to Create WordPress 3 Menus

Yet again, WordPress developers love changing things with several of their major version changes, but in this case, their WordPress 3 menu management system is built into the admin now. This is a very long overdue feature and it marks the beginning of making menus easier for the end-user and non-techy savy individuals. Although, it’s

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Widget Logic with WordPress Conditional Tags Solution

I’ve talked about this with several users of my themes but decided to write a quick tutorial for everyone to learn how to take advantage of a WordPress plugin called “Widget Logic” and how “WordPress Conditional Tags”  work in conjunction with your own web site. To be honest, I think this should be a standard

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Building a Static Front Page with WordPress

I’ve been asked how I made my home pages on some of my theme demos’ while many believe this is part of the theme a person downloads. Actually, it’s only partially related whereas the rest is done with WordPress settings. For this to work, the theme should have at least one different “page template” included

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