Here’s the Top Ten WordPress Plugins that Everyone Should Use

January 20, 2015 marketermatt Blog

With almost 75 million sites depending on WordPress, it is without a doubt the most popular blogging platform that exists. Today, not only bloggers, but ecommerce sites, businesses, schools and governments rely on WordPress. With this many users (and growing) it is no wonder that there are a staggering number of plugins, and unless you […]

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6 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

January 12, 2015 marketermatt Blog

When you think about creating blogs and installing an effective content management system, WordPress is the first name that comes to mind. Efficient and reliable, WordPress offers themes, features and plugins that every developer and blogger looks up to. Over the past decade, WordPress has developed into much more than just a tool for simple […]

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New Theme Preview – Clean and Simple

December 26, 2014 marketermatt Blog, News and Updates

Here is a preview of another of our up and coming themes, Clean and Simple. This theme is designed to be a simple, yet elegant blogging theme for writers who also like to include photos, videos, or make use of WordPress’s other post formats. This blog can be set to a one, two, three, or […]

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New Theme Preview – The New Corporate

November 21, 2014 marketermatt Blog, News and Updates

Meet our latest theme, The New Corporate! With a brilliant new design that is professional without being too flashy, The New Corporate is the perfect company theme. Built on our brand new Kite Framework (more details coming soon), The New Corporate has all of the options you would expect from a modern day theme including […]

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WordPress .htacess File Being Rewritten – [SOLVED]

October 27, 2014 marketermatt Quick Tips

We recently moved a site that based on Joomla to WordPress. However, we needed to add a few new rules to our .htaccess in order to match some of the old URLs up to the new ones. So we went ahead and added the rules. After a few days we check our Google WebMaster tools […]

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Bulk Delete Product Tags in WooCommerce (Or Attributes)

September 18, 2014 marketermatt Quick Tips

Recently we were working with a site that had over 5,000 woocommerce tags, most of which were either empty or had only a few items per tag. The number of taxonomies overall (tags, categories, and attributes) was significantly slowing down the site, so we decided to remove the product tags that weren’t popular because as […]

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How to Add a Second Menu in Genesis Theme

August 21, 2014 marketermatt Quick Tips

If you’re unfamiliar with its hooks, Genesis can be a bit tricky to edit. Recently, we had to add a secondary menu to theme, and this is how we did it. We needed to add a second menu underneath the primary menu which was in the header. Here’s the code for it. First register the […]

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How to Change the WooCommerce Price via Functions.php

August 18, 2014 marketermatt Quick Tips

Recently, we had had a project where we needed to show a discounted price on woocommerce products without editing the price in the database of our WP install. Thanks to WooCommerce’s handy hooks, this was pretty simple. Here’s our code snippet.   function return_custom_price($price, $product) {     global $post, $blog_id;     $price = get_post_meta($post->ID, […]

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We’re Back

June 23, 2014 marketermatt Blog

We’re pleased to announce that is now under new management! We have a lot of exciting updates and plans for the future that we wanted to share, so here it goes! Upcoming Changes New Design – We will be updating the site design used on our site very soon while also changing our site architecture […]

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Export Navigation Menus

June 1, 2014 marketermatt Quick Tips

Recently I had the need to set up several sites for a client with the same woocommerce inventory and the same navigation. Being that the menu was fairly bulky, and being that woocommerce categories can’t be placed easily into the menu the way that post categories can be, I was in need of a solution […]

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