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New Theme Preview – The New Corporate

Meet our latest theme, The New Corporate! With a brilliant new design that is professional without being too flashy, The New Corporate is the perfect company theme. Built on our brand new Kite Framework (more details coming soon), The New Corporate has all of the options you would expect from a modern day theme including

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Free WordPress Themes vs Premium WordPress Themes

There are thousands of free wordpress themes available on the internet. With so many free themes available why would one opt for premium wordpress themes? Quality of design There are wordpress theme designer programs available that allow a user to mass produce themes. Themes created by these programs are often found on free wordpress theme

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Casino Based Professional WordPress Themes

Las Vegas is all about high end hotels with elaborate casinos and flashing lights. The idea is to draw as many people possible to their establishment by creating an enchanting and alluring atmosphere. It is important to have a similar design mindset when deciding on a casino based professional WordPress theme . Although a website

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Get the Popcorn Ready

Coming soon to a Theatre website near you! Yes, movie tutorials are coming soon to Pixel Theme Studio which will definitely give members a much better way to learn how to setup themes and perhaps learn how to create their own design. Reading content works and seeing a static screenshot helps but in many situations,

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Should WordPress Change their HTML Editor

For the longest time, it appears just by doing a Google search about opinions regarding the WordPress HTML editor is showing a lot of dislike for it’s quality level. Many (including myself actually) are frustrated with the default editor WP has included into their content management system. There is a lot of potential for WP

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New and Different for 2011

First up, I want to thank everyone for their support for Pixel Theme Studio which is helping this site to continuously grow in popularity. With feedback I receive from members (and visitors), I’ve been making ongoing improvements to the site and its features over the last month. With 2011 approaching, there will be a few

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The Unknown Theme Change Syndrome

Shock, frustration, anger, and the unknown consequences of changing your website’s theme for a new and different one is something that is quite common with most people. Unfortunately, everyone on the planet is not a web designer or experienced with content management systems (cms) or themes (templates) and how they really work and relate to

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Finally the New Visionary Theme

I know many have been asking, “are we there yet?” “is it done yet?” “how long before you release it?” Valid questions because what was supposed to have been a simple 1-week project to enhance just a few things in the Visionary theme from 2009, turned into almost 3 weeks because I kept adding more

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