Shortcode – Columns in Posts or Pages

Adding columns to a page or post is done with either html snippets of code or shortcodes (if provided for the existing theme). The Zen Theme does offer this ability by copy and pasting the shortcode into the HTML editor view in your page, post, or text widget. I am providing both the shortcode method

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Change Basic Theme Colours – Part 1

Although Zen Theme is not as flexible in colour customization compared to my other themes, you still can change the following, plus the main menu which is covered in the next setup tutorial: Page background Link colours Link "hover" colours Bottom widget text link colour Bottom widget text link "hover" colour Bottom widget "list" colour

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Setup your Social Networking settings

You have the option to choose to enable or disable the Zen Theme's social networking icon and links, located in the footer area of the page. Each one is grey toned until you mouseover which displays the colour version: Right now, the default social networks are: Twitter MySpace Facebook Linkedin RSS (which is the default

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Style your Showcase with Colour and more

Zen Theme gives you the advantage of customizing how your Showcase styling looks. Your available options are: Enable or disable the line pattern on both sides of your main showcase area Enable or disable the gradient background Choose the background colour Choose your own background image (pattern or gradient) Choose how your background covers the

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Setup your own Showcase Slideshow

Zen Theme has two showcase options for your Front Page and inner pages: Widget Showcase (default - will show for the front page and also for inner pages) My Own Showcase (for the front page only) The Widget Showcase option lets you add an image to your pages using a widget, either the text widget

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Continue Reading and page button styles

The Zen Theme comes with the ability to change the "Continue Reading" buttons that display with each post introduction, but part of this also includes form submit buttons. You have two colour choices:   Change Your Button Styles Go to your theme settings: Zen Theme Settings >> Blog Settings panel >> Buttons Choose Green (default)

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Introduction to the Zen Settings

When you install the Zen Theme, you will get a menu panel show up on the left column of your WordPress admin area: When you click on "Theme Options", you will see a page with dropdown panels that are categorized for easier reference and separation of each group of settings. Each panel will provide you

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The Unknown Theme Change Syndrome

Shock, frustration, anger, and the unknown consequences of changing your website’s theme for a new and different one is something that is quite common with most people. Unfortunately, everyone on the planet is not a web designer or experienced with content management systems (cms) or themes (templates) and how they really work and relate to

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