Top 20 Eye-Grabbing Animal and Pets WordPress Themes

With so many people choosing pets over parenthood, there’s a growing need for products and services that help people take care of their four-legged family members. There are people who turn their home into an aviary devoted to parrots, dog or cats. So, if you’re an animal lover looking to grow your own business, here’s

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Top 10 Best Selling WooCommerce Themes from Template Monster

Hey, what’s up? Today’s question is: do you like shopping? For sure, you do! Moreover, nowadays it’s pretty easy to choose and purchase online. Have you ever done your shopping sitting on the soft couch? Just imagine, rain outside makes you feel calm and peaceful, a cup of hot tea warms you up, and a

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21 Best DJ WordPress Themes 2017

DJ WordPress Themes do exist because now a days listening music is one of the way to relieve a stress. Listening music makes your heart and mind find at ease, relaxing, and treatment to emotions as well.  Some people might also want to listen music during leisure time. Most of the people now wants

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18 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks 2017

WordPress theme frameworks.  They're like Play Dough or  Legos.  Those were toys that a lot of us grew up with and what made them special was that they we could make anything we wanted with them.   How far our imaginations went was our only limitation.  Crayola Crayons.  Erector Sets.  It was amazing what we

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15 Best Motorcycle WordPress Themes 2017

If you are a motorcycling aficionado and are planning to launch a portal for uploading info and blogs on motorcycles or a website for repairing, then Motorcycle WordPress Themes are the way to go. A thematic website or portal designed and developed using the highly intuitive open-sourced CMS platform of WordPress spares you from

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10 Best Museum WordPress Themes 2017

The following Museum themes provide very nice-looking gallery spaced picture holders for clean and easy to navigate websites. The themes highlighted in this post are WordPress themes that include easy to use and customize with such features as Page Builder Visual Composer. In this post, you will find the most feature rich WordPress themes

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24 Best Jewelry Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2017

WordPress is an excellent choice for creating online shops and jewelry stores are no exception. Thanks to this collection of the best jewelry ecommerce WordPress themes, you’ll be able to create a stylish and professional looking online shop to help you sell more of your products online. The themes in this collection all integrate

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20 Most Popular WordPress Themes with WPML Plugin

Whenever one needs to get started with a website, there are plenty solutions to opt for. First, comes the choice of a content management system or an eCommerce platform to build your site with. The decision is heavily dependent on the type of project that you want to get on the web. Blogs, portfolios or