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Why PTS White Label?

The Reasons You’ll Love It

How Our Outsourcing Process Works

After you have engaged your customer, you will need to acquire the required information to define the scope of the project so that we can get started with our white label web design services quickly. The project scope includes things such as:

  • Goals of the site
  • Example websites and graphics that you or the customer like
  • Any creatives that you or the customer have already made (logo, banners, brochures, etc.)
  • Your estimated budget for this project (after calculating your costs)
  • Site map of the pages to be included
  • Features and functionality that needs to be included

To help you with this, we have created a project scope checklist. Please get in touch with us for a copy of it.

Once we’ve received your project scope, we will get back to you with a quote. Depending on the features and functionality that are required for the project scope, we are able to provide 2 different types of quotes to try to fit customer budgets:

  • Patchwork Solution – The WordPress ecosystem is so extensive that we are often able to use an existing theme and existing plugins to build out a site that matches the project scope even when using a custom design. This solution is perfect for simple sites that do not require several pieces of advanced functionality to work together.
  • Custom Solution – For the customers that want a truly custom solution or that require several advanced features, we can build a custom theme and custom plugins so that we can perfectly accommodate the needs of the customer. When we build a custom theme and custom plugins, we are able to create a much more cohesive solution that is more stable, easier to maintain, and that can exactly match the needs and desires of the customer.

As you can probably guess, Patchwork Solutions are generally cheaper in the short run and work perfectly for many sites whereas our Custom Solutions are more expensive but are necessary for advanced functionality.

Our goal is to find a win-win solution that accomplishes the needs of the customer in the best way possible for long-term success.

Once the quote is accepted by you, our team will get to work on the website according to the project scope. We will set up the site and work on it in our test environment and will provide you links to view the progress and to show your customer.

If we are creating the mock-ups and doing other design work, we will submit the designs to you first so that you can your customer can dialog about it and request changes to the mock-up. Once the mock-up is approved, we’ll get to work on the site.

As the project progresses, you will have the opportunity to review the work on our test area, request revisions, and test functionality to prepare for the final sign off and delivery of the project.

Once the project is finished, you will have some time to review the site, test the functionality, and go over it with your customer. Then, when the last revisions are finished, the site can be made live on our servers or we can migrate the site from our staging environment to one of several hosting companies at no additional charge.

And don’t worry! Even once the project is finished, we will be happy to fix any bugs that we all may have missed within the first 30 days of the site going live. Beyond that, we will continue to be available to offer additional services to you and your customers should you need them!

Our team is capable of building websites on a variety of platforms outside of WordPress from using popular CMS systems such as Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and Bigcommerce to full scale web applications using php frameworks, .Net, or Java and most everything in between.

With larger projects, we usually recommend setting time aside for a kick-off call to talk about your project with you and, if your comfortable with it, your client as well. We are happy to talk to your client as a member of your web team, and we recommend phone calls for larger scale projects. In some cases, many phone calls are necessary to make sure that we fully understand the project scope so that we are clearly defining the scope and can therefore provide an accurate quote.

Once the project scope is clearly defined, we will provide a quote to you based on the amount of work to be done. Our quotes are firm meaning that we will not go over the amount unless it is agreed upon by both us and you due to additional requirements being added to the scope.

For larger projects that take several weeks or several months, our quotes will come with milestones. At each milestone, you and your customer will have a chance to review the work that was done, submit revisions, and eventually sign off on that portion of the work and make payment for that work. We generally provide milestones every 2-4 weeks.

Once the scope of the project is defined and the quote has been signed off on, our team gets to work building the site or web application. With larger scale projects, we generally have a “kick-off call” to help set expectations for both you and your customer as to how we can expect the project to proceed. We strive to offer both great communication and a high level of transparency so that you will always be able to let your customer know exactly how the project is progressing and what its current status is.

Where necessary, we are able to provide a contract as well as a statement of work to be included large scale projects.

We offer several online marketing services that you can offer to your clients take their businesses to the next level while putting more money in your pocket.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Getting ranked highly in Google for keywords that are relevant to your client’s website can help to drive both traffic and sales to your client’s business. Before beginning, we conduct our own keyword research and then plan a SEO strategy around the customer’s business. We approach SEO comprehensively, and therefore we create packages that will fit the customer’s needs. We also offer reports that you can pass along to your customers about their site, their rankings, and their competitors.
  • Local SEO Services – Working with a business that needs to get ranked locally? We can help your customers dominate their local markets. We offer services ranging from on-page optimization and content creation to citation building to Google Maps optimization to link building. We also offer white label reports for local rankings as well so that it’s easy for you to show progress to your clients and make the sale.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing – For customers that need quicker results than SEO services can provide, we offer PPC services both on the national and local level and on both Google and Facebook platforms. Here too we start with our own keyword research and an analysis of competitors in the same space and then build out campaigns for your customers. No matter the size of the company, we always start small and we test, test, test, test before scaling to help ensure minimal waste and maximum ROI.

The above 3 services are the ones that are most easily packaged for our white label customers to sell. However, we are happy to discuss additional options and methods with you and your clients if necessary.

We offer a host of services for most any small, web-related job. If you are looking for WordPress specific services, please check here: WordPress Services

Here is a brief list of some of the services that we offer:

  • Fixing Broken Sites – We can fix sites that have broken due to a variety of issues from JS conflicts to responsiveness issues to site hacks
    Tweaking existing sites – We can make adjustments to current sites by adding new pages, designing new graphics, or making other adjustments
  • Graphic design – We can design web mockups, banners, sliders, graphics, overlays, and most other graphic design tasks
    Photo editing – Our team of expert photo editors can color correct, crop, adjust horizons, sharpen, brighten, or otherwise edit images, remove backgrounds, merge images, and more.
  • PSD to HTML conversion – We can create responsive HTML and CSS markup based on a PSD that you provide.
  • PSD to WordPress conversion – We can translate your PSD into a WordPress theme either with or without theme options
    Landing Page Set Up – We can design and code landing pages for your clients which can be tied in with autoresponders or other marketing services.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these white label services, please get in touch.

Explore Recent White Label Work

We have helped our partners create websites across many different industries. Here are few of the highlights…

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Who Uses White Label Services?

Our Partners Use Our Services

Web Design 65%
Web Development 89%
Branding and Identity 43%
Web Marketing 90%

Industries We Serve

Many people wrongfully assume that anyone that knows anything about computers also knows about web design. IT consultants often find themselves in a position where they are asked to help with web services even if they don’t provide them. Adding services such as those that PTS offers can help IT consultants significantly increase the revenue that they get from their already existing clients.

Many people wrongfully assume that anyone that knows anything about computers also knows about web design. IT Consultants often find themselves in positions where they are asked to help with web services even if they don’t provide them. Adding services such as those that PTS offers can help IT consultants significantly increase the revenue that they get from their already existing clients.

Marketing consultants are often brilliant at driving the ROI of the clients they serve, and many times the state of the client’s website is their biggest obstacle. Marketing consultants need a partner who can quickly put up new landing pages, install tracking pixels, and even write some copy so that they can more effectively help their clients grow their businesses through their marketing efforts.

Associations often thrive on helping their members provide best-in-class services. One key way to help many members is to offer web site and digital marketing services to them. Offering these types of services as well as education around these services makes associations even more valuable to their members.

Sometimes manufacturers’ sales can be limited by the ability of their purchasers to sell their items. Partnering with a web company such as ours gives manufacturers the ability to help their retail customers sell more products through better, e-commerce websites that drive traffic and sales. More sales for the retailers means more sales for the manufacturers!

In order to further the success of the companies that they invest in, venture capitalists often need to provide web marketing services to their clients from websites to SEO to PPC to other types of marketing, but they do not always keep people on staff to handle all of these needs. Outsourcing web marketing and web creation services to a company such as PTS allows venture capitalists to quickly and effectively help their investments flourish.

Websites are integral to any business these days, and even more so for start-ups. Whether attempting to attract investors, grow a following, or increase awareness for a Kickstarter campaign, websites are critical for start-ups. Having a partnership with PTS allows incubators the flexibility to help new companies get off to a great start while not having to staff the resources to do so.

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White Label Partner

What is White Label Design?

We offer our services to you as an extension of your team. It’s our work, but it’s your brand. Your customers do not need to know that we exist.

How do I get started with a white label project?

To get started, please get in touch with us to talk about your first project.

Can you make custom themes or plugins?

Yes of course. We can build both custom themes and plugins according to your or your customers’ specifications.

Do you only do WordPress work?

No. Our team can work with a wide variety of CMS’s and can even code custom sites from the ground up.

Can convert my PSD to a theme?

Yes of course! We can convert your design to a fully responsive WordPress theme.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. If you would like to simply refer clients to us, we will pay you a commission for doing so. Please get in touch with us to see if you qualify.